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NC State Extension

Expressionistic™ Tutsans

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In some parts of the world, Tutsan can be a bit weedy, even invasive. These three cultivars were bred and evaluated at NC State University as part of our efforts to develop new, non-invasive nursery crops. All three are triploid, seedless, non-invasive forms of Tutsan. Special credit goes to Richard Olsen (former Ph.D. student, now at the US National Arboretum) and Clara Trueblood (former M.S. student, now at the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens) for their efforts on this project. These new Expressionistic™ Tutsans include: ‘Pollock’ – dripped and splattered with green and white variegation; ‘Matisse’ – infused with a bold purple blush; and ‘Picasso’ – a neo-expressionistic integration of surreal colors and abstract patterns. Other characteristics are typical of the species. Zone 6-7, reach 2-3 feet. Generally best in cooler climates like the Pacific Northwest. No patents or trademarks.

If you have academic leanings, you can read more about the development of these plants at:
Olsen, R.T., T.G. Ranney, and D.J. Werner. 2006. Fertility and inheritance of variegated and purple foliage across a polyploid series in Hypericum androsaemum L. J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 131(6):725-730.

Trueblood, C.E., T.G. Ranney, N.P. Lynch, J.C. Neal, and R.T. Olsen. 2010. Evaluating fertility of triploid clones of Hypericum androsaemum L. for use as non-invasive landscape plants. Hortscience 45(7):1026-1028.