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NC State Extension

Pearl Glam™ Beautyberry

(Callicarpa ‘NCCX2’ PPAF)

bright violet pearls with green/dark purple foliagePearl Glam™ leaves and berries close-upPearl Glam™ berries

An advanced hybrid between Callicarpa dichotoma and C. kwangtungensis. It gets the best from both parents with an upright form and purple-tinged foliage from C. kwangtungensis and early, prolific showy fruit from C. dichotoma. Puts on a spectacular show in the fall with glamorous bright violet pearls adorning dark purple foliage – jamming! A great Halloween plant.

For information on licensing, contact Spring Meadow Nursery, Gary Neinhuis, Licensee Sales, 616-223-3363 ext 1103,

Developed as a collaborative project with NC State University and Spring Meadow Nursery.

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Pearl Glam™ bush