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‘Shiloh Splash’ River Birch

(Betula nigra ‘Shiloh Splash’ PP16,362)

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Discovered by John and Danny Allen at Shiloh Nursery, ‘Shiloh Splash’ river birchPPAF (Betula nigra ‘Shiloh Splash’ PPAF) is a variegated cultivar of river birch that has utility as a shrub or small tree in the landscape. Propagation studies found that this cultivar roots readily from terminal, softwood cuttings (taken in mid July) with optimal treatments consisting of basal dips of 2,000 – 4,000 ppm of either KIBA or IBA in 50% isopropyl alcohol. Some shoots occasionally revert back to a uniform green color and need to be removed.

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Shiloh Splash in pots Shiloh Splash tree

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