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NC State Extension

‘Swamp Hobbit’ Florida Anise

(Illicium floridanum ‘Swamp Hobbit’)

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Discovered by the intrepid plantsman, Dr. Ron Miller of Pensacola, FL. ‘Swamp Hobbit’ is an incredible dwarf Illicium floridanum that Ron found in Coosa County, AL. Reaches 6-8 inches in height and a foot or so in breadth in 5 years. The original plant is about 2 feet tall, surrounded by a 5 foot circle of offsets. Leaves and flowers are of normal size; it just has particularly short internodes. Best with some shade. A native, shade-tolerant, evergreen ground cover with showy flowers and good deer resistance. Few plants can make that claim. Has proven hardy in Delaware, so should be good in Zones (6?)7-10. Roots readily from stem cuttings, but somewhat slow in production. No patent or trademark.