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‘JC Raulston’ Mahonia

(Mahonia ‘JC Raulston’)

'JC Raulston' MahoniaA spectacular new hybrid between two North American congeners: M. aquifolium ‘Golden Abundance’ and its rare Mexican counterpart, M. lanceolata (Odostemon lanceolatus, Berberis lanceolata). The result is a cold hardy, medium-sized shrub, with billowy plumes of golden flowers in late winter. This hybrid picked up its cold hardiness and smaller stature from its Occidentale mother and its Danza de los Voladores flair and tough constitution from its Mexicanum father. Brilliant flowers are borne on 12″ long panicles. Cold hardy to USDA zone 6. Single-node cuttings root readily from firm wood with moderate auxin treatment. Does not reseed and is highly infertile.

Developed at NC State 'JC Raulston' Mahonia Flower SpikeUniversity, this plant was named in honor of the late Dr. J.C. Raulston, the first director of the NC State University Arboretum (now the JC Raulston Arboretum). Dr. Raulston had a keen interest in both Mahonia and Mexican flora, so it is particularly fitting to name this plant after him. In further honor of J.C.’s legacy of sharing plants, please pass it along freely.

Additional notes: The research accession number for this hybrid was H2008-113-001.

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